Manz Group has secured around 18 collaborations with acclaimed industries and reputed academic institutions.

Our Collaborations

 Prof. Shalender Bhasin MD, Ph.D. Dr Ravi Jasuja PhD (Joint Project – Sustained release Of Hormone)

Professor Of Medicine. Dept Of Meds Health Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Prof. Romero Pedro. MD. PhD
(Joint project: nano-cancer-Immunotherapy)
Head, Translational Immunology Group Ludwig Unil.

Dr. Camilla Jandus, MD, PhD

(Joint Project – nano cancer immunotherapy)

Professor Of Medicine. Dept Of Meds Health Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Prof. Claud Bernard, MD, PhD
(Joint Project-Autoimmunity, MS)
Australian Institute Of Regenerative Medicine

Dr Santhos Kesari MD, PhD
(Joint project. Neuro-Oncology)
Co-pounder, Chief Consultant, Neuro•OncoIogy, PNI, Santa Monica

Prof. Janko Nikolich Zugich, MD, PhD
(Collaboration: T Cell immunology)
Department Head and Professor,Immunobiology
Aegis Consortium for pandemic-Free Future
Professor, Medicine, University of Arizona Health Science

Prof. Kishore Bhakoo PhD Ooint Project: Stem-cell Imaging)
Director (Rtdh SBIC, A -Star, Singapore)

Prof. Dick Sterenborg PhD (Collab: Nano-Photomedicine)
Center for Optical Diagnostics and Therapy
Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Prof. T RajkumarMD, PhD (Collab: Nanomed.ABSORF)
Head, Molecular Oncology
Cancer InstituteAdyar. Chennai, India

LeadInvent Pharma, USA
Product Licensed:
Nano Photomedicine Gel for GBM 

Hetero Pharma India/USA
Product Licensed:
ABSORF Nanomedicine for Liver tumor
Function Promoting

Function PromotingTherapeutics USA
Products Licensed: i. Injectable sustained
release systems for Hormones, ii. Core.
shell nanomedicine for Cancer

LuxMatra Innovations Pvt Ltd, India
Product Licensed:
Nanoparticle Vaccine for Infectious disease

Dr K pavithran MD.phD (Collab: Nanomed-ABSORF/G1iocure)
Head, Medical Oncology
Amrita Institute of MedicalSciences, Kochi, India

Thanmatra Innovations Pvt Ltd. India
product Licensed: Biodegradable
Implant vaccine for cancer

drug delivery



"Fight Cancer, whatever it takes"

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