Gliocure – Polymer brain implant for Glioma therapy

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive form of brain tumor affecting adults at the age group of 35-60 Years. Current data shows that even after surgical removal of the tumor followed by chemo-radiation, the tumor will come-back within 8-18 months and almost 90% patients will not survive for more than 3-5 years. 

Delivery of chemodrug into the tumor affected brain is a major challenge due to blood-brain barrier. When we give drug as an injection or oral tablet, it will affect the whole body and only miniscule quantity reaches to brain. To overcome this challenge, we developed a nano-brain implant that can deliver 100% drug directly into tumor affected area for more than a month without affecting any other part of the body. An implant of similar kind available in USA will cost 15 Lakhs in India. Our product will not cost more than 01 lakh. This will help large number of patients in India and other developing countries. The product completed large animal testing and ready for human trials.

GlioGel was developed with the aim to provide deep penetration of chemodrugs upto 2-3cm within the brain tissue whilst the nanoparticles help in the sustained release of drug for upto 15 days.

In vivo studies exhibited ~ 55% drug retention upto 15 days within rat brain, along with an enhanced drug penetration of ~1 cm.

These combinatorial functions of deep tissue penetration and sustained release, will help in effective treatment and overall survival of the patients in the long run.

The product completed large animal testing and ready for human trials.

MRI Study

MRI assessment of Temozolomide loaded Fast releasing (FRW, 7-day release) and slow releasing (SRW, 1 month release) wafers over 90 days in C6 glioma model. MRI images of (A) Untreated control, (B) Placebo group, (C) bare wafer, TMZ FRW and TMZ SRW groups. Significant tumor growth can be seen in untreated and bare wafer groups by day-14. TMZ-FRW showed initial reduction in tumor growth, but recurrence happened in 54% animals leading to tumor re-growth by day-72. TMZ–SRW showed prolonged control on tumor growth for the entire study period. [Figure referred from publication by “Ranjith R et al, Theranostic 3D biodegrablenano-brain implant for prolonged and localized treatment of glioblastoma, Scientific Reports, 7:43271 (2017)”]